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Process Overview

Eugen Wegner watches are assembled in-house in the Hamburg workshop. Driven by a natural instinct for accuracy and quality, we treat the design and manufacturing process with the utmost importance.

In-House Finishes and Refinements

In order to meet the high demands of our watches, we finish and refine our movements at the highest level in-house. These include, among others: Grinding on the rotors, engravings and screws, which we polish and blueing. Each watch is fully assembled in our workshop in Hamburg and undergoes a strict quality control before shipping.

Thermal Blueing

Every single screw is pre-polished on a lapidating machine with diamond-studded polishing paper in a grain size of 9-0,5μm. To remove even the finest scratches, they are polished again by hand. Finally, the screws are thoroughly cleaned and thermally blued at approx. 300°C. The blue color not only looks beautiful, it also serves as protection against corrosion.

Luxurious Packaging

All watches are safely enclosed in a handmade wooden box built to replicate the old feel of vintage wrist wear.

The box includes a high quality cleaning cloth and a guarantee card with the original Eugen Wegner seal.

The Revival Team

The Eugen Wegner team are all seasoned watchmaking experts, armed with decades of experience and a dedication to rebuilding the brand from the ground up.

Each member's relationship with watchmaking runs deep. To them, it's not just a profession, but a craft. Using their passion as fuel, they are visionaries who are paving the way for Eugen Wegner's ardent success.


Inspired by Eugen Wegner’s craftsmanship and passion for accuracy and quality, our watches are designed and fully assembled in-house in our workshop in Hamburg.

For us, having control over every single step of the design, manufacturing and assembling phase is of utmost importance. We want to make sure that we truly know every single one of our limited-edition watches. Therefore, we work together with only a selected group of suppliers in Germany and Switzerland for sourcing of the components.

Moreover, and most important for us, the complete process of refinement of the movements, final assembly of every single watch and quality control is done in-house in our workshop in Hamburg.


In 1897 our great-great-grandfather founded a small watchmaker workshop in a part of Germany then known as Western Prussia. With hard work and dedication for detail and quality his company became one of the leading watchmakers in Prussia, well-known for its high quality work.

After Eugen Wegner, followed by his son Hans-Ulrich, now Eugens great-great-grandson Jonas Bley is taking over the fate of the company.


Quality is our priority, we are working with carefully chosen materials and set highest standards in the manufacturing process.

We want every single watch to be perfect and just as valuable to you as it is to us.

We are committed to living up to the highest of standards, ensuring every watch is expertly made.

Visit Our Workshop

Meet Daniel our head watchmaker. Follow him as he takes you to our workshop and explains the steps of watchmaking.

Learn more about our watchmaking process and the history of Eugen Wegner on our YouTube channel.

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